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Not just a tour but a travelling rock scene! Amazing bands, party atmosphere and intimate venue shows that kick off like no other makes “Light the Fuse” road festivals the best way to experience live music in the UK. We are a unique rock, metal, hardcore and punk touring festival featuring some of the very best established international and UK acts alongside amazing up and coming home grown bands. Having been involved in the music industry for years and experiencing the highs and lows of relentlessly touring the UK we wanted to create something a little different. After plenty of long meetings at our local pub discussing what we would want from a show from both a touring band and show goer perspective we unanimously agreed that the best gigs had to feature four things…

  • Incredible, diverse and loud bands playing as hard as possible
  • Awesome intimate venues
  • Great community party atmospheres
  • No industry rubbish and a cost that was affordable for all to attend.

Based on these criteria the Light the Fuse road festival was the best idea we could collectively come up with. Featuring 8 amazing and diverse bands (like a festival should have), we tour 4 cities over a long weekend with the emphasis on loud music and good times. When it’s done right we believe there is no better experience than watching an amazing live show and we really look forward to bringing a great party atmosphere and a hardcore, neck-snapping live show to a city near you soon. If your band plays hard, loves music and is interested in playing future festivals please send links and details to

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